PATENT N. EP 1922449

The common ground’s injection techniques with expanding resins are hardly able to resolve definitively the problem of building’s settlements. Only in a short period they give some grade of reliability, then at time the original problems can appear again.

To obviate to this problem Prematek set up since 2006 an innovating European Patent called I.STEEL that joins the resin’s penetration strength in the ground with a remarkable increase of the carrying capacity, and the resistance and durability of the steel tube.

The technology foresees that steel tubes are put in the ground and inside them will be pumped the expanding resins that coming out from every single valve that is placed at 25 cm will penetrate all the strata of the soil.

At the end of the work the ground will have strongly increased the carrying capacity and moreover a steel micropile will been made. It will be anchored at the foundation’s wall, making a new, reliable and lasting foundation system.


  • Increase of the ground’s strength capacity;
  • Making of a micropile anchored at the foundation;
  • Strong resistance whether in the vertical settlements or in the inclined one’s;
  • Possibility of testing through push-test;
  • Time’s durability guaranteed;
  • Minimal impact in the building. No destruction;

When we have settlements in the building’s wall, I.STEEL always successful solves and it will be forever. Till now a lot of hundreds of building have been resolved with I.STEEL in Europe and no one contentious with the clients!

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